Meet the Editors

David Beren, Editor-in-Chief

David is our Editor-in-Chief and leader. He considers himself a Jedi Knight, capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound and a connoisseur of fine cell phones. He has been involved in the wireless industry since 2003 and has been known to swap out phones far too many times in any given year.  David is also the Founder and Managing Editor of network site TmoNews.

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Dima Aryeh, Contributing Editor

This Russian has been obsessed with technology ever since he moved to America and his family purchased their first computer. Since then, he has been disassembling technology and hoping he could put it back together successfully. He has been heavily invested in Android (and the Android hacking community) since 2010, and has recently discovered his passion for writing. His other hobbies include video games and massive energy drink consumption.

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Marques Brownlee, Video Reviews
Marques Brownlee is a 17-year-old technology enthusiast with interests in consumer electronics and marketing. He specializes in semi-professional YouTube video production at his own channel. With experience in hardware reviews and software tutorials, Marques has been producing video content for since mid-2010.

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