Funambol: cross-platform cloud-syncing

I’ve covered Funambol before at PhoneDog, but I think these videos deserve a bump here at the new site.

For those who want to sync their contacts (and later, calendar, notes, and tasks) across different platforms, Funambol is the most flexible solution I’ve found yet. Check it out in action in the first video below. I sync my contacts between an iPod, a G1, and my Ubuntu Linux machine. Best of all, I do it all for free. I didn’t take advantage of Funambol’s free cloud services, which simplify the process. Just replace my server in the video linked above with one of Funambol’s, and you’ve got a quick and easy solution. (cont.)

Obviously, the potential here is that the open source software and cloud services will eventually replace the expensive and proprietary syncing currently offered by OEMs and carriers to consumers, such as Apple’s MobileMe. But there is an enterprize market out there as well, for which Funambol offers free email. In order to clarify their mission and spread the word, Funambol released a couple of their own videos on 08/04 and I wanted to share them (below).

If you are an Android developer, and, out of the goodness of your heart (or passion for FLOSS, great code and openness), want me to be able to sync Sunbird via a G1, click here to assist the Android Funambol project. Everyone else should download the “one size syncs all” software for free at

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