Reports of a chinless Hero?

I’m not sure what to think of this one. Several blogs are posting purported leak shots of Sprint’s customized Hero. And the number one aesthetic complaint the masses were anything but shy about expressing seems to have been… remedied. I personally like the chin.

When Eric Lin said at the Hero launch that a distinct version would be coming to the US, I figured he was talking about the rainbow of colors expected to brighten our lives. Maybe this is what he meant. But a cooked ROM (read the Sense UI), does not an Hero make.

I’m not leaning heavily either way here, but there’s clearly another phone in the mix (big Touch-style rotary deal) that people seem to be looking past – not that that necissarily means anything.  I’m just saying it could be something other than what the original source calls the Hero200. It does feature – and push – all the right buttons though. Cool gold trim.




Via Android Guys

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