The Android Market is getting a refresh (‘Bout time!)

It’s been a long time coming. But it looks like we’re finally about to have a good chunk of complaints regarding the Android Market addressed. I haven’t seen anything indicating app screenshots (have you?), but check out the slick new layout in these images from cnet. I’d say it looks much more polished and user-friendly than the raw app dump we’re all used to.

Top paid, Top free, and Just in buttons grace the top of the screen along with search – making those features more readily available. Cnet reports that these shots come from an early access Sholes user, and that this is the same (in-progress) Market that devs have had their hands on since they were given access to Donut. (cont.)


Rob Jackson of Phandroid was clever enough to point out that we might be looking at some aesthetic changes attributable to Motorola’s Blue UI in addition to changes in the actual Market. We’re expecting to learn more from the Motorola event in San Francisco on September 10th, and I hope Mr. Noah Kravitz can confirm that the Market will sport app screen grabs.

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