Android Market download issues

Ugh... Time to reboot!

Ugh... Time to reboot!

How many times has this happened to you? You’re on 3G and/or Wi-Fi, you launch the Market, buy an app, and you get that “Downloading” progress bar, but it never moves. It can stay that way for hours, but after a reboot, you see that the app was downloaded and installed – probably 10 seconds after you tapped the button to purchase.

I’m getting mixed feedback about this on Twitter. Some people think it happens more on Wi-Fi than 3G. A phone’s root status doesn’t seem to make a difference. A few people have experienced it less (or not at all) after switching to a certain ROM, but the results are inconsistent. Some people say a cancel and retry does the trick, but that doesn’t always work for me.

So, I thought we should make a record of experiences here. Maybe they’ll be of some use to… someone. If you have a moment, please list your phone, root status, ROM, and probably most importantly, if you are using the new 1.6 Market that Cyanogen has worked into his latest ROM. And of course, how often it happens to you and what you do to deal with it.