Click becomes Tattoo, packs more than it appears to (?)

I was chatting with an online friend last night and he mentioned that Tattoo – named after its customizable shell – wasn’t that interesting because of the low specs. Turns out that this one’s innards are closer to the Hero than to the G1. But yeah, it does look kinda low-end, doesn’t it?

It has a 3.2 MP auto-focus camera, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a 528MHz processor, 512 ROM, 256 RAM, compass, accelerometer, bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a 2.8″ LCD *resistive* touchscreen at 240×320 – QVGA. Ugh, I knew there had to be a chunk of glass in the ice. HTC says the screen is to small to be an effective capacitive.

I know QVGA support is coming to Android (the Agora, Lancaster, and Heron were nixed because of their QVGA displays), but is that really the direction the Android ship should be sailing? I say forget the QVGA support and hold Android to the minimum standard set by the G1. I know HTC is going for the masses here, but the cost of G1-esque hardware should be more affordable by the time this one hits the shelves, no?


Via Engadget

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