The Saturday Wrap: 09/12/09

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Good day, ladies and gentlemen. This post and the series that will follow it are a direct result of a suggestion box post by edrompa over in the forums. I think a weekly look back will benefit casual Android observers and fanatics alike; especially after a few days of contradictory leaks! The Saturday Wrap will serve not only as a refresher, but as a place to gather the week’s Android noise and distil it into information we can use. Let’s get to it.

HTC’s budget Sense device, Tattoo, got some exposure in the past few days, the most notable of which is a German video of the QVGA resistive screen device running Sense. It can also be seen taken apart here. (cont.)


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A video and some photos were released showing Samsung’s Galaxy Lite – the i5700 – dressed in bright green and white. Among the sacrifices for a cheaper Android Samsung is the lack of a camera flash. But in exchange, you get a trackball along with some clear buttons that I think match the young and fun character of the phone perfectly. (cont.)


Of course, the big star of the week was Motorola’s Cliq; the first device to run Motorola’s customized version of Android, MotoBlur. Noah Kravitz from PhoneDog was at the launch event in San Francisco and posted this demonstration video. He was also generous enough to produce an exclusive look at MotoBlur’s messaging system for DroidDog. Thanks, Noah! (cont.)


TMoNews posted a leak indicating that Cliq pre-orders would begin on October 19th. That was rapidly followed-up by an aged roadmap from BGR that briefly confused the public on when Pulse would launch. It showed the Cliq dropping in November. BGR responded after contacting their source to clarify that the shown slide is inaccurate but their insider has seen a more recent one that confirms the October pre-order date.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the T-Mobile roadmap is the presence of what seems to be the Pulse, made by Huawei. As I said, the dates are no longer accurate, but the image shows the Pulse dropping in November. (cont.)


Another image that tempts the new product release detectors is this snap of Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. It’s quite the tasty teaser, but we don’t have a solid date on Donut (1.6) just yet. As for 2.0, sadly, it looks like the intended premier handset, the Motorola Sholes may have been bumped from October to December. (cont.)


Lastly, myTouch got a huge boost this week, thanks to Oprah Winfrey (whose 24th season premier in the streets of Chicago was partially sponsored by the phone), and to T-Mo’s $99 promotion. I think it’s causing just as much resentment among existing customers as it is excitement among the waiting potentials. It’s a “very limited time offer.”


Those are the major Android items for this week, folks. But check out the small treats: Brad Pitt stalked with Layar and The release of Pandora 1.0. I’m off to catch up on neglected items, so I’ll see you all after a couple of days. Take care.


Edit: looks like I missed the news of the FCC passing a Huawei device now called Luna, or U7519. This one’s all set for T-Mobile’s 3G bands! Thanks, David.