The Saturday Wrap: 09/26/09

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Yes, I already missed one. The Saturday Wrap that should have taken place on 9.19 was preempted by sickness. I know, lame excuse. But I’m going to let that week fade into the past and pick up where I left off. Here’s what I consider to be the most important Android (and LinuxCon) news since 9.20.

Cyanogen, Cyanogen, Cyanogen

If you don’t know the name, you don’t know the game. CyanogenMod is the most popular software hack for rooted Android devices. The man’s cooked ROMs and recovery image have taken Android performance, customization, and other modding to a new level.

Search the web or Twitter today, and the name is associated with (and famous for) something else. Unfortunately, Google sent Cyanogen a cease and desist letter, pointing out that he was not licensed to redistribute closed sourse apps like GMail and Google Maps, which came bundled with his ROMs. This means that CyanogenMod, as it has been known, is frozen in time; never to be updated again.

However, I think a hacker, by definition, is a person who finds creative solutions to awkward problems in order to adapt to diverse circumstances. Don’t expect Cyanogen to curl up in a ball and die.

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[EDIT] cyanogen’s response [/EDIT]

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Sprint Hero unboxings

Noah got a special treat in the mail… or should I say trick? The guy handles tragedy admirably.

I would have preferred to see Noah messing with an intact Hero, but Mobility Today offered up an unboxing as well:

LinuxCon 2009 in Portland

LinuxCon was a good time, and I got to check out all sorts of products and services. See my coverage of day 2 here. I have some HUGE video files from the event, and I am currently in negotiations with iMovie to import and edit them. I might have to sacrifice my first born.

I am just waiting for excuses to post this photo.

I am just waiting for excuses to post this photo.

myTouch 3G price drop

I’m not sure why T-Mobile didn’t launch the MT3G at $99 on contract to compete with the iPhone, but I’m glad they finally came down to $149.99. This is a bump up from the $100-off Oprah bargain, but maybe it’s close enough to keep early customers from rioting. BTW, a little birdy within his 14-day return period said he called T-Mo and got the $50 discount after paying $199.


FCC Clears Samsung InstinctQ

The Android-based Instinct that’s most likely headed for Sprint has drawn closer. Samsung filed this one with a request for 180 days of confidentiality. Looks like that bit didn’t work out so well.
samsung_instinctq_fcc_shot Samsung-InstinctQ

Cliq and MotoBlur get reviewed… sort of.

Here’s a sort of demo vid from ZDNet. Looks O.K. I’d like to say more, but I don’t have one.

A better look at the Samsung Galaxy Lite

Clearly, these are snaps of dummy phones, but they give us a better idea of what to expect in terms of design for the real deal. I haven’t heard much about the “Pro” version of Galaxy. Coincidence, or is someone getting ready for an announcement?



Layar goes 3D

What has to be the coolest app in the augmented reality game, Layar, will be dropping a third dimension this November, appropriately with version 3.o. There are a few gimmicky videos out there, but I think this one is the most exciting in terms of practical use:

Archos 5 on pre-order

It’ll run ya about $440 plus shipping to get an early peek, but if you’re up for it, grab your own from Archos’ Italian website by clicking the image below:

Click the image to launch the site. (That's my cursor, not yours.)

Acer A1 for pre-sale

Speaking of paying extra for dibs on the latest Android device, the French website linked here has the Acer A1 on pre-order. With shipping, you’ll be hovering around six bills.



Here’s a cute little MID with a 5-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, 8GB of built-in storage (plus miniSD), cam, WiFi/GPS/3G. It’s set to run €300 ($440). It’s called Wallet, and is made by eviGroup.

Another peek at ODROID

We’ve seen photos, and we’ve seen it in dark room action, but this is the best video we’ve seen of the ODROID close-up and running. It’s growing on me…

Well, those are the ones that excited me the most over the last week. Think I left something important out or said something stupid? Let me know in the comments.

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