Android-powered Nook syncs with iPhone, BlackBerry, and, uh…..

EDIT: An Android client will be released eventually, but not before the launch of Nook. I missed the blurb in one of the press documents.

This is exciting to me. I really don’t spend enough time reading for pleasure anymore, and an Android e-reader just might give me a valid excuse to spend work time buried in a true crime murder mystery the latest Android-related article from some tech magazine. Nook – an e-ink daisy from Barnes&Noble set to drop on November 30th – will let you download books, magazines, newspapers, and more over a no-charge 3G connection. So, if the $259 price tag has you waffling, just remember all that free data. (cont.)

Nook: bookish, but sexy. (No, it doesn’t have any friends you can hang with; I asked.)

You can pre-order this bad boy right now at the B&N website, or walk into a store and do it at the counter this Wednesday. A 360-degree spin at B&N’s Nook website will have you lusting after that full color secondary touch screen, which allows for shopping, content selection, bookmarking, notes, and highlights. 2 Gigs of space means you can hold about 1500 books in your pack, what have you, and with the wireless turned off you get 10 days of battery life. I know, it sounds and looks pretty great, right? A million titles, nifty cases, I’m sold.

O.K., wait… Check out this item from the Nook FAQ:

“Q. Can I read my nook’s eBooks on other devices like my mobile phone?
X Yes, you can read your eBooks across a wide range of devices in addition to your nook. All you need to do is download the free Barnes & Noble eReader app on your iPhone and iPod touch, BlackBerry® smartphone, or Windows® and Mac® laptops and desktop computers. And the eBooks purchased from will sync between your nook and other reading devices with the Barnes & Noble eReader app, so you always return to the last page you read.”

I don’t see anything explicitly stating this, but am I understanding correctly when I deduce that this Android-powered e-reader cannot sync with other Android gadgets? I mean, I realize that there is virtually no outward indication that this thing runs Android anyway, but as an enthusiast, I’ve gotta say, non sequitur.

Nevertheless, it’s still Android news, and the product looks cool. Check out a video here.

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