Another barstool Cliq video

That title is in reference to Noah’s video from the Cliq launch in San Francisco, which already gave us a good look at Cliq and MotoBlur. But more is always better, right. In this video by PhoneScoop, the rep covers the Sense-like social integration of MotoBlur, aggregation of data under contacts, security features, and more.

With pre-orders beginning on 10/19 and a street date of 11/2, we haven’t got long to go before all of us can try one of these buggers out, but I do have a couple of links for those of you who just can’t wait and need a taste right now.

DroidDog has a bundle of what are supposed to be Cliq wallpapers, hosted at RapidShare. For those of you who tinker, there is an Akirah ROM with accompanying Blur theme (just a theme). I tried it out but found the install far to buggy to trust. Your mileage may vary.

You can also check out a sort of video demo produced by ZDNet, a very retro promo vid by Motorola, and a video detailing message creation made by Noah from PhoneDog.

Via TMoNews

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