Breakthrough in Hero battery life issue

A resourceful user over at has discovered the cause of, and solution to, a major juice suck evident in HTC’s Hero. Apparently, sending an SMS sends a signal to the dialer, then a bunch of complicated stuff happens, and your phone never goes to sleep. Thanks a lot, messaging app.

To see how this is affecting your battery usage, go to:

Menu < Settings < About Phone < Status < Awake Time

For more detail, download a free app from the Market called Spare Parts and go to:

Spare Parts < Battery History < Partial Wake Usage < Since Last Unplugged

Is your dialer out of control? Mine too! Time to download ChompSMS or Handcent SMS.

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It will take me a day or two to determine the practical difference resulting from a switch to ChompSMS, but I do text quite a bit. So… I’m hoping for substantial improvement.

Big thanks to @erickarlpeters, @the_real_Newman, and everyone else who sent this to me.

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