Busy with Sprint’s Hero

Regular visitors to DroidDog know that I like to keep the home page loaded with fresh posts, but there are times when other matters briefly pull me away. It’s usually a few hours of homework or my weekly day out with the wife, but today and tomorrow (Tuesday, Wednesday) I will be busy gathering footage and taking photos. I have requested an extension on my Sprint Hero loan, but until I hear back I have to assume my time with it is coming to an end.

Originally, I had intended to provide seamless Hero coverage by fulfilling my Best Buy pre-order before returning the review loaner I currently have, but there has been a change of plans.

My wife recently became aware of a dog in need of a new home, and it turns out that our home might be the perfect fit.  So, the money that was set aside for Hero has been reassigned to pet deposit duty. I love DroidDog, Android, and all of you folks helping this site to succeed, but I just can’t turn my back on this handsome guy.

Seeing as I might only have two days left with Hero, I figure I’d better get as many of your questions covered on video as possible… like, right now. I also need to do the browser and camera reviews. Importing, editing, processing, and uploading video takes a considerable chunk of my time. So, rather than publishing one video before moving on to the next – as I usually do – I’m on a mission to record the rest of my Hero material ASAP and edit it after the phone is gone.

This means that my posting will be limited for two days, but I will pop up when I can to keep the site fresh and the readers happy. I think this is the best way to provide quality content, so it’s worth the lapse or decrease in posts. Rest assured that I am not playing video games or lounging at the bar (or rolling in leaves with the dog; we get him next week), but am sequestered in my office furiously churning out video. Or, I am out taking a multitude of sample photos with the Hero cam. However, if I hear back that my loan period has been extended, then it’s back to business as usual.

Keep the Hero questions coming on Twitter: @PhoneDog_John, and via SMS: 503-MOB-BARK

Thanks for your patience.