Carrier billing for apps on its way, says Sprint

We’ve been discussing this over at PhoneDog for some time (though context eludes me and I can’t find a link outside of a post’s comment thread), and Sprint is working on making it a reality. Eventually, customers will be able to purchase an app and have the charge turn up on their phone bill, though we don’t have a date yet. It’s not just for Sprint’s Android customers, either. WinMo, Palm, and BlackBerry users will have the same option. Sprint is also aiming at a one week application process for programs headed to their new app store for non-Android devices.

Man, I thought it was too easy to buy apps with my Google Checkout account, a saved CC#, and a couple of taps. Imagine the comfort that comes from knowing the purchases won’t come back to haunt you until you’re monthly bill arrives in your inbox.


Via Android and Me