Drizzy drama at XDA dev forums

UPDATE: Follow my links in the comments. A lot of people are saying that all of Drizzy’s deletions are an attempt to cover up his scamming for a free phone, not to dodge Motorola’s supposed inquiries or warnings. He also turns out to be HardDaez – the dude that stole the original Hero ROM from Haykuro, contributing to his decision to retire. Messy stuff, this is.


One of the reasons (O.K., the reason) I rely on DroidDog Hounds for XDA info is because the threads of interest to the general public are so ridiculously popular. By the time I discover the hot topic of the day, there are 2oo pages of posts. I don’t currently have the time to sift through them, though I could probably turn this site into nothing more than a summary of daily XDA events and see decent traffic.

Anyway, back to the Hounds. Thanks to DroidDog mod and good friend of PhoneDog, @johnashtonedgar, for keeping me apprised of the never-ending action that unfolds in those murky forums. It appears that Drizzy Drake Rogers – an XDA developer who is currently bringing MotoBlur to the masses – is undergoing a bit of corporate pressure. Check out the following post of Drizzy’s which can be found at the bottom of this page:

Why is everybody saying i tried to scam someone, wth is everyone talking about, im trying to delte everything so I wont get charged for 506 copyright federal law i BROKE!

I received notice’s, letters, threats from moto but i continued to do what I wanted to do, just for you all, now im trying to duck these charges so what is this scam your all talking about!

my situation is worst than cyanogens, but i am still here!


EDIT: I have 0.8 ready!!

Yikes! Sounds serious, and as Drizzy states, could be more serious than the hubbub that swirled around Cyanagon for a few days there. After all, Cyanogen took a very different approach in responding to Google. We will see. As for the accusations permeating that thread, I’m going to have to let them remain a mystery. I’ve a got a Saturday Wrap to write.

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