Eris perched in preperation for belly flop

O.K., so everybody knows that the HTC Desire is now called Eris, right? Good. And you’ve all read about Droid being a Verizon *series* rather than a single device, correct? Good. And you’ve heard that Eris is expected to be available on 11/6, haven’t you? Good. Now that we’ve got all of that straight, there’s one more bit of information I need to cover that wasn’t leaked in the gdgt entry for Eris: it’s got a measly 528 MHz processor! I’m with Engadget in saying that this thing is nearly obsolete before it even drops!

That VZW would launch a phone with the same processor as a year-old device that just saw it’s last OTA update (yes folks, I’m told Eclair is definitely too large for an official G1 update) is ridiculous, in my mind. On a related note, Verizon reps are currently being trained for Eris support. How long is the list of appropriate apologies for performance issues, I wonder. I see why Sholes is at the front of this marketing campaign. When will the world be depleted of 528 MHz Qualcomms!?!


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