Google Wave on Sprint’s Hero

If you have no idea what that title refers to, check out my 10-minute abridged version of Google’s very long Wave demonstration.

Wave is fantastic. I’ve been using it on my laptop for a couple of hours now, and I am blown away. I just had my first real-time conversation, and the two of us in the Wave agreed that this is really going to change things once it catches on… and it will. I do have a rapidly growing list of suggestions to submit to Google, and here are a few of them…

Make it easier to add a contact. If someone who is not in my contact list starts a wave with me, I should be able to drag their avatar to my contacts list. If I do want to add them manually, the user id field should auto-populate with suggestions that match the first letter or two I type.

Allow be to add people to a wave in the list view – without opening it up.

Make a standalone app! (Maybe I’m just addicted to Twitter)

Anyway, all that aside, Tech Crunch reported yesterday that Wave already works on iPhone, and I had to give it a spin on Hero. As uneventful as the video is, here you go: proof that Wave already works on Android… kind of:

My apology for the lack of speed. If my Internet were running faster than EvDo today, I would have connected with that.