HTC Hero, CDMA version


Specs: 528 MHz processor; 512 MB ROM; 288 MB RAM; 3.2″ 320 x 480 TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen; GPS; accelerometer; compass; bluetooth; 5.0 MP color cam w/ auto-focus; 1500 mAh battery

Released by: Sprint US on Oct 11th, in store pre-orders began on September 13th.

US cost: $179.99 after rebate from Sprint, $179.99 with no need for rebate from Best Buy
US Plan: Unlimited data starting at $69.99.

Notes: First US Hero, missing the distinctive chin found on the European version. Ships with software updates designed to improve speed. Launched just after the introduction of Sprint’s Any Mobile, Any Time plan, which allows unmetered calls to all mobile phones.

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