HTC Sprint Hero: the browser

I ended up spending a lot of time on the browser because you all sent me a ton of questions about it and because it was the source of my most significant Hero complaints. After a factory reset, my focus has changed. The browser is actually fine under the right (unrealistic?) settings and circumstances. Sure, I’d like better performance, but this is no longer a deal breaker in my eyes.

I did my best while shooting this to address a list of about 25-30 questions readers and viewers have sent in. In the meandering part 1, I go from the ideal browsing environment to your average-to-heavy load. In part 2, I’ll beat that thing to death. (cont.)

Part 1:

This next one should be called Browsing the Bog. Here I push the Hero to its limit and offer some final thoughts on the browser. What it comes down to is that it pretty much won me over after a factory reset, although I would like to see a bit more processing power – more for the keyboard while browsing than anything else.

Part 2:

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