Is that the HTC Dragon?

Big thanks to DroidDog Buzz Hound Y314K for sending me this one!

Of course, no one is sure of what this phone is just yet, so my apologies for using such a seductive, sensational, attention-grabbing title. But if it is the HTC Dragon, I think I’ve found my next phone. The photos, posted by (for those without a monitor), are accompanied by the following explanation:

“I blacked out the photo. Where it says Welcome to …. It doesn’t say the name of the phone it has a number that I’m told is used to determine who this phone was loaned to so for obvious reasons that got blocked, not too mention wouldn’t help us figure out the phone. And then I blocked out the time, just to be extra safe our ninja can’t be traced back to.”

I guess this is how they churn out those popular killer root tools; early leaks of highly-prized handsets.


EDIT: Are those symbols the brand of an alien civilization or of a leaker’s undoing?
EDIT AGAIN: People with better eyes than I have see a standard Google brand.


Via The Unlockr

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