I’ve been Knighted!

Yes, it’s true. Our fearless leader, King Android, aka DroidDog_John (I like King Android better) has bestowed upon me the riches of front page blog posting. Now I can assault your brains with my mind numbing rhetoric. No longer will I be confined to the dark reaches of the forum where I like to hunt the spammers. MUAHAHAHAHA!

Actually, I’ll keep it limited to Android related mobile tech stuff. I love this site and, so far, we have been very lucky to have some quality people register here. Please keep up the excellent postings, and lets make this place a premiere blog site just like its parent site PhoneDog.com!

I joined here for two reasons, 1) because Android is “where it’s at”, 2) because it spawned from PhoneDog, which is an excellent site. Regarding reason #1, I say that because Android has adopted a “make it yours” approach, which means; you spent your money on it, go to town on it, because with Android, the sky is the limit. I came from an iPhone, which is a great and revolutionary device, but it’s limited to what Apple wants you to have. Where’s the fun in that?! As for reason #2, I love the PhoneDog site and its editors. Unbiased honest content is what they deliver. Here you will also get that same great content except it will be Android specific. Now, everyone put your hands in- “Whoooooooa DroidDog”!!!

And a quick word from John:

George is a tech fanatic if I’ve ever seen one, and he changes phones more often than I change pants. He is constantly analyzing a rotating assortment of top-end gadgets and doesn’t cut Android devices any slack. Although an enthusiast, a fanboy he is not. I’m looking forward to reading articles written from his unique perspective, and finding out which, if any, Android device of the season meets the needs of this gadget aficionado.

Welcome to the team, George!

(As a side note, I think I am closer to court jester than king.)