Sprint HTC Hero camera review

I heard from a lot of people who were frustrated by the camera coverage (or lack of it) from other Hero reviewers, so here’s what I hope is an in-depth review. The first video is me walking through the camera software. Below it are sample photos and videos from Hero. Other than switching video resolutions to show each of the available options, I left all settings at the defaults (auto).

I am not a professional photographer, so I am simply presenting you with the experience and results rather than critiquing them. As a layman, the only observation I want to make about the end product is that indoor photos tend to be blurry. In the sunlight, where the shutter speed is much quicker, it is easy enough to get a clear pic. Still, of every four photos I took, one was useless.

My review:

Photo Samples (Click descriptive text below each for full size. All are jpg compressed):


cloudy and dark

dusk, through the windshield

cloudy, with motion

variations in color and light

indoors, with motion (after 3 blurry throwaways)

indoors, still

Video Samples

High light, high rez:

High light, med rez:

High light, low rez:

Med light, high rez:

Med light, med rez:

Med light, low rez:

Low light, high rez:

Low light, med rez:

Low light, low rez:

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