The myTouch Fender facelift

When I first read that T-Mobile was releasing a Fender edition of the myTouch (before I saw pictures), I have to admit that I thought it sounded really tacky. Maybe it’s because I’m not really into the external themes. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a Gibson man when it comes to electrics. But once I saw the luscious images, I was converted – regarding the phone, NOT Gibsons. Anyway, check it out: This one comes with a 16 Gig SD card and a 3.5 mm headphone jack! Woohoo!

Now what’s up with the processor? Oh, nothing? (I’m guessing.) Meh. How many more of those things do they gotta unload, anyhow? Still, looks like a great holiday gift for that musician/geek in your family. I’m waiting on the miniature guitar strap lanyard. If only it had a maple top.



Via PhoneDog

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