The Saturday Wrap: 10/10/09

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What a week for Android. It hasn’t quite ended for me, and I’ve got videos to make. Let’s just skip the formalities and dive right in.

Samsung Moment

Sprint announced the next Android handset in their line up, the Samsung Moment (previously known as the InstinctQ). Scheduled to drop on November 1st, this vanilla Android phone will arrive hot on the heels of Hero, with its October 11th street date. (cont.)


It will cost $179 (the same as Hero) after all the rebates and such, and features an 800 MHz processor, 320 x 480 3.2″ AMOLED display, 3.2 MP cam with auto-focus and video, Bluetooth 2.0, support for up to 32 Gigs of storage, a 3.5 mm audio jack, accelerometer, GPS, visual voice mail, and Exchange functionality.

So, what really sets this apart from Hero? It has a hardware keyboard, a faster processor, a brighter, more crisp display, and a lower MP count for the cam. Moment lacks HTC’s Sense and also happens to be a “with Google” device. Strangely enough, there are Heroes floating around that feature the “with Google” branding, which has me wondering if we are about to see a vanilla version pop up on another carrier.

If you are weighing your options between the two phones, be sure to check out an official promo video, a hands on from Android and Me, and PhoneDog’s coverage from CTIA.

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Samsung’s Behold II

Samsung unveiled another hot-looking Android device this week, the Behold II. A lot of people are referring to this phone as “the Stateside Galaxy.” But this phone does differ from the i7500. (cont.)


The SGH-t939 comes with the following: 3.2″ AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, and microSD up to 16GB. That gives it less storage capacity than Moment’s 32GB, but more megapixels; 5, as opposed to Moment’s 3.2. This 3G contender (which popped up at CTIA) also has a customized version of Android with Samsung’s TouchWiz and cube interface on top. Behold II will be hitting T-Mobile’s network in time for the holidays.

myTouch gets a facelift

Speaking of T-Mobile’s big push for the holidays, check out the sexy new myTouch. It’s not a complete re-working of the device, but it does ship with a 16 GB SD card and a 3.5 mm audio jack. (cont.)


Verizon jumps aboard

Verizon and Google announced their carefully constructed partnership as well as the upcoming (before the end of year) release of two Android devices on VZW’s network. One is almost certainly the Droid, previously dubbed Sholes, and the second is most likely what we see in Eric Schmidt’s hand in the image below. Widely reported to be Verizon’s Hero (this early version is running Sense, but could this explain the “with Google” Heroes?) more than a few people have commented or contacted me to say it looks like Tattoo to them. Time will tell. This one is said to be set for November, and we’re supposed to hear something new about MotoDroid on 10/30. (cont.)


Dell bringing Android to AT&T

Will the American version differ from this Chinese incarnation?

Will the American version differ from this Chinese incarnation?

It’s about time AT&T’s name started popping up in the Android headlines, and considering Dell’s affinity for, and support of, Linux, one could say the same of them. A short piece by John Biggs of Tech Crunch was posted at The Washington Post announcing that a tipster – who said the phone felt “cheap and plasticky, like the Pre” – expected the OPhone mini3i to be upgraded before its debut on the American market. The phone is currently limited to China.

DEXT launched on Orange in the UK

Jumping in front of HTC’s Tattoo launch on Vodafone, Motorola’s DEXT – the non-US version of Cliq – went on sale this week. Available from Orange and a site called Phones4U, the device is making Cliq enthusiasts a little antsy. Check out one more Cliq video that popped up this week to tide you over until T-Mo’s US launch.

Virtual 9/11 memorial turns heads

Augmented reality programs piqued the interest of Android enthusiasts a few months ago when a batch of cool AR apps seemed to appear all at once. iPhone had its share as well, and people took notice. But it is the video below that is really beginning to grab mainstream attention, for obvious reasons. I missed it before, but this vid has really opened me up to a world of possibilities. (cont.)

MotoBlur and Canvas leaks

The first time I saw HTC’s Sense (then known as Rosie), it was in a set of demo video files released to the world by an Android developer and hacker named Haykuro. My first use of Sense was facilitated by a cooked ROM. It looks like that will be the standard cycle for other customized versions of Android – assuming the insider leaks keep flowing as they have. Check out the video below (here’s another) of a ROM featuring MotoBlur (will ship with Cliq on T-Mo), and click here for a look at the Pulse-bound Canvas.(cont.)

Hero, Hero everywhere


Member’s of Best Buy’s Rewards Zone – and possibly only those that have spent $2500 at best Buy in the past year – were the first to get in on Hero, with an early purchase date of 10/9. Cellular South has Hero up for pre-order at just $99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. With Best Buy’s $179 Hero (no rebate required) in stores on the 11th, it’s a good time for Sense enthusiasts. Check out my Hero reviews, Q&A, and other related videos by viewing all posts tagged “Hero.”

Those are the big items for the week, folks. Also see Galaxy unlocked at New Egg for $579 and at Amazon for $643; a Barnes & Noble e-reader expected to run Android; and reports that Android is gaining momentum (no kidding).

Have a good week.