The Saturday Wrap: 10/17/09

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MotoDroid with Android 2.0, Eclair

What started as a settings screenshot quickly exploded into A Droid boot video and all-out Eclair image dump this week when BGR’s founder got his hands on Verizon’s first Android device, and Android 2.0. Meanwhile, I was able to make my own videos about Motorola’s Phone Portal software, set to ship with Droid. (cont.)


EDIT: Remember that leaked calendar that indicated something “Sholes” would be going down on October 30th? Well, the consensus seems to be that the countdown clock seen in the image above and at Verizon’s Droid page – populated by cryptic symbols – will hit zero on 10/30 at midnight. I don’t have time to independently verify that, but knock yourself out here.

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All about Motorola

It was a big week for MotoBuzz, with Cliq unboxings in the States and DEXT unboxings across the pond. Check out the list of reviews over at TMoNews, and catch up on MotoBlur. (cont.)


Acer’s Liquid and Aspire One

Acer finally announced the long-buzzed A1, officially called Liquid; the first phone to launch with the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. Their Android-powered Aspire One netbook is already on pre-order at Amazon. We saw got some great images and specs for the phone as well a a few screenshots, seen below. (cont.)




Sprint Hero launch myths and confusion

There was quite a bit of debate surrounding the differences between Heroes that feature the “with Google” branding and those that don’t, but it turned out to be much ado about nothing. No matter what a user’s status says, all Sprint Heroes are capable of EvDo rev. A.

There is a problem causing Hero’s battery to drain too rapidly, but I’ve heard, in very unofficial terms, that a fix is on its way.

In terms of my own Hero news, I finally got my Google Wave invite, and couldn’t wait to check it out on Hero. It wasn’t exactly a successful venture, but it kinda worked. Check out the vid: (cont.)

That makes Sense

Check out this video from Phandroid that shows a Galaxy running HTC’s Sense: (cont.)

Woah! That can’t be right, can it?

Phandroid also dropped a huge leak bomb this week by posting the image below. A Sholes Tablet? Motus? Zeppelin? Man, if this is Moto’s plan for a comeback, they may have found their niche. (cont.)


Dell’s Ophone mini3i to come to AT&T

There are virtually no details on this device, but we know it’s going to undergo a makeover before we see it here in the States. It is definitely coming though.


Nice name… NOT!

I don’t even know if this one is worth mentioning again without a new joke about bronchial tubes, bronchitis, or something else that people don’t want to associate with phones. When it comes to this cheesy clone, known as the Broncho A1, I certainly don’t want to associate. (cont.)


G1/myTouch price drop

Holy cow! WalMart has G1′s for $48.88 and myThouch 3G’s for $98.88 (with a new contract). Time to get in on that hacking game!

O.K., those are the big headlines for the week folks, but check out these following bits of interest:

European Sholes clears FCC

T-Mo launching all-you-can-eat buffet?

UK Donut Arriving Now!

HTC Tattoo’s Android Market will not list apps that don’t support QVGA display option

Developers Can Now Target By Carrier in Android Market

Archos 5 Android Tablet Reviewed, Disliked

Rumor: Verizon’s Third Android Device to Act as a “MiFi” Personal WiFi Router

Have a good one.