The Saturday Wrap: 10/24/09

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Droid was still the center of attention this week, and finally, after messing around with secret codes only to seem them change, Moto threw the Droid community a bone by sending out the clever media packs below, which included a little promo card imprinted with the vague date of 11.09. (cont.)


BGR found a detailed page on Moto’s site that offers up all kinds of feature details, including, as one reader points out:

…the browser supports HTML5 and Motorola says Flash 10 support is coming in 2010.

BGR also gave Droid the hands-on treatment, and followed up with a full preview, proclaiming that “you’re going to love it.”
For those of enamoured with Droid but short on cash, check out a cheaper alternative, the recently made-over Calgary.

EDIT: I missed a spot. Looks like Droid is a series, and Desire is Eris.

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The announcement of Barnes and Noble’s Android-based e-reader, Nook, was a pleasant response to Amazon’s closed Kindle. Nook can handle industry standard formats and also offers a free 3G connection. I missed a bit of small print when I first posted on the product, and I’m glad to know that the device will eventually sync with Android phones. That’s the kind of thing one would expect at launch from an Android device though… am I right? Anyway, rumor has it that the thing will run Android apps, which is cool. (cont.)



This was my last week with the Sprint Hero, and I was sad to see it go. Good riddance to its performance problems. I finally got around to answering your remaining questions, and threw in a full camera review, replete with video and photo samples. (cont.)

There were also some rumors of an AT&T Hero on the horizon, but I’m not sure how reliable they are.

Moment Unboxed

Engadget got a Moment for the unboxing, but did it all with stills rather than video, as usual. Check out the gallery here. (cont.)


Dark Desire

Some practically indistinguishable images popped up of the HTC Desire, which, as far as we can tell so far, looks like a VZW-branded Hero. We’ll just have to wait for a better leak on this one. (cont.)


Behold II’s street date

We finally got a solid date on Behold II, and it’s November 18th. I’m looking forward to this Stateside Galaxy. (cont.)


Touch HD running Android

Someone, somewhere, somehow, got Android running on their Touch HD, and the videos are inspiring kids around the world to break their phones. (cont.)

The Motorola Zeppelin

Moto’s Zeppelin popped up in Chinese pictures, but some changes are anticipated before we see one here in the States. For one thing, we won’t be needing the second SIM slot that’s really only good in China. I hope the HDMI out is still intact, and that performance warrants it. (cont.)



That’s the phone, not the infamous, humming kick of a generation. New photos have turned up, and although they are very likely renders, it’s good to see another handsome phone come one step closer to my pocket. (cont.)



Those are the biggest items I can think of right now, and I don’t mean to rush but I’ve gotta be off. Also chec out a two-part Tattoo review, a rumor about the 1GHz XPERIA, and HTC’s gift of Sense to Magic.

Take care…