The Saturday Wrap: 10/31/09

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Google’s Android statue dons pirate garb for Halloween.


Once again, Motorola’s Droid kicks off the Saturday Wrap because it was in the spotlight of every tech blog under the Sun. With a Times Square ad blitz in the works and with the phone turning up as the center of attention on nationally televised interviews I think there’s a lot riding on the success of this device in the eyes of the consumer – possibly too much. But hey, This is only Android’s fifth chance to make a first impression. There will be plenty more.

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This week saw Droid unboxings, reviews of the browser and the new, turn-by-turn capable Google Maps.

If you’re a little unsure about taking the $299 plunge, study the user’s manual online and check out this demo vid. If you’re weary of a carrier jump and are a T-Mobile customer, stick around… you may see the Sholes on Magenta. I should be getting mine early this coming week, so check back for DroidDog’s MotoDroid coverage. We can do that whole Q&A thing again.

Android 2.0

Of course, one of the most exciting aspects of Moto’s Droid is that it’s the first device to ship with Eclair; Android 2.0. If you’re not sure what the update is about, read “What’s New in Android 2.0?” over at ZDNet, this DroidDog post, Linux Insider’s view, and T-Mo’s status. A notable feature of 2.0 is the latest version of Google Maps.

Almost immediately after the drop of 2.0′s SDK, the topic of G1 Eclair compatibility was all the rage. Again. But some resourceful folks have uploaded videos of 2.0 running (kind of) on their own G1s. I’m not 100% on whether this “Port” is truly indicative of how the G1 would handle the official update, and I’ve read that what we are seeing is actually an emulator pulled from the SDK – which would explain serious lag. Either way, you can bet that the folks over at xda-developers will have a trimmed-down and super-charged version available before too long.

Sony Ericsson’s Stunning Seductress

For me, this was the best news of the week. Droid looks great, but this… this is crazy delicious:

Also check out her body and an older UI vid. Specs can be found here.

I had my Moment; now it’s gone.

It was in my hands just long enough to do an unboxing. I had planned to write up my first impressions and record a quick camera review, but I slept 4 hours in a 50 hour period, and that’s not a great condition for me to be working under. Trust me when I say my grades took a hit this week. Noah will be covering Moment over at PhoneDog and I should have another one before too long. Again, I’ll do as much Q&A as I can. In the mean time, check out Engadget’s review.


Cliq is up on Amazon, though you can’t order it just yet. Moto also recently released an oddly appealing promo video:

HTC and Passion

We heard a few more rumors this week, and they brought up as many questions as they answered. Here’s an app purported to ship with Passion. More soon. HTC is revving up for something big, I tell you what.

LG GW620

LG released a couple of cute promo vids for their first Android, one of which is embedded below. A dedicated website is also in the works. The phone has cleared the FCC.

No Donuts for you!

HTC announced that European Hero owners would not see Android 1.6; they will go straight from 1.5 to 2.0. @johnashtonedgar is reporting that new phones will ship with either 1.5 or 2.0, and considering how close the Eclair is, I’d be surprized if any more carriers (after T-Mo) pushed 1.6 OTA.


November 6th is the big Eris/Droid street date, and VZW stores will be opening early. However, homebodies can order online in the early(er) morn. Check out the packaging and some new device photos.

That’s a Wrap!

Those are what I consider the biggest Android stories of the week. I’ve got less than five minutes to Sunday, so Imma pack in some quick links and you can take it from there.

GSM Hero coming to Canada
New Tubaloo promo vid
Sprint will put app purchases on the monthly tab
Sprint’s Android updates
No Android-Powered Touch HD 2
Forget that tether, Sprint customers
Google phone? No.