1.6 and Google Navigation


Many of you know that Google Maps with navigation is now available to Android devices running version 1.6 – Donut. But for those who share the same days off as I do, here’s the lowdown: Google Nav on 1.6 does not allow voice commands such as “navigate to.” However, as explained at the Google Mobile Blog, you can create shortcuts on your homescreen associated with your most commonly visited physical locations – your home, for instance, and just tap it for directions.

Since this announcement, I have received many, many messages from people, all asking the same question: when will the Cliq get 1.6? I wish I could say. Though some tantalizing rumors have popped up, the Motorola FAQ does not give a specific date:

Will my phone get software updates?

Motorola regularly updates software for in-warranty phones to improve performance. Android phones will receive software updates as needed. What is included in the software updates will be determined based on the requirements of the individual device.

Android and Me lists the following phones as being stuck at 1.5:

* Archos MIDs
* Sprint HTC Hero
* Sprint Samsung Moment
* T-Mobile Motorola Cliq
* T-Mobile Samsung Behold II
* Verizon HTC Droid Eris

More information will be posted on these devices as soon as I get it. Until then, you’ll just have to navigate the old fashioned way; via the stars.

Via Google Mobile Blog

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