A Droid, apart

Would you like to see the innards of Motorola’s Droid? Do you need to understand how the hottest phone (thus far) of the season is constructed? Are you too poor to buy a phone only to tear it apart? Would you like me to do it for you? Well, 9!$$ off! I can’t just fork over hundreds of dollars for the sake of your amusement, and I certainly can’t destroy a loaner… wait, can I?

It doesn’t matter, because that’s exactly what the heartless freaks at PhoneWreck are into: dismantling expensive devices and meticulously recording the process. Yeah, there’s a very practical purpose for all of this and I’m sure the information will be useful for many – a lifesaver for some. But what can I say? I go for the easy jokes. Oh, the humanity!


Via PhoneWreck

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