Behold II on Verizon? Nawwwww

This is an interesting tidbit submitted to Android and Me by a fan. Samsungs product page for the Behold II – titled Clearly superior (really?) shows four icons under the header, “3D Cube Navigation.” The image contains a VCast logo and is followed by this text:

You can easily access popular multimedia programs with the 3D cube navigation button. With one touch, you can access YouTube, the AmazonMP3 store, the web, and your music, photography and video gallery

Check it out:


This could be an early leak, but I’m thinking that someone at Samsung either made a mistake by adding the VCast logo or that the maker of a media app nabbed the logo, which someone at Samsung put on the site unknowingly. No? Well, if VZW is going to carry the Behold II, their likely UI modifications might actually do it some good.

Via Android and Me

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