I am really excited for the X10

I’m using Sony Ericsson’s first code drop into the Android Open Source Project, and their addition of a Radio Interface Layer repo (even if neither are exactly fresh) as an excuse to talk a little bit more about the XPERIA X10 because, well… I’m excited about it. That’s a given, right? Who isn’t excited? But while I was in bed coughing up a lung on November 3rd, the rest of the Android world was wallowing in the good news and writing about how important the phone is. I missed out, and I just want an opportunity to join in on the fun. So here it is: My X10 pseudo-announcement post.


Sony Ericsson’s first Android is no slouch, packing a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor; a 4″, 480 x 854 pixel (WVGA), scratch-resistant touch screen; an 8.1 MP cam with auto-focus, geo-tagging, stabilization, smile detection and video recording; Exchange support; an accelerometer enabling auto-rotation; A-GPS; 3.5mm audio jack; 3D games; Wi-Fi; this clock thingy; what seem to be two very cool features called Timescape and Mediascape; an perhaps most importantly, the UI known as Rachael.

Rachael has been driving us nuts for months with her sexy sheen – much like Rosie did a while back. But unlike Rosie, I don’t suspect many bloggers will complaining that she is slow to respond, or laggy. If you ask me, Sense was the biggest thing to happen to Android in it’s first year of public life. I wouldn’t be surprized if Rachael has the same mass appeal. I can’t wait to see so see her running as smoothly as can be seen in the mock-ups we’ve been offered thus far, and not the way she moves in the video below.

X10 will ship to selected markets in the first quarter of 2010 in Sensuous Black or Luster White. It comes with Android 1.6, but as the Sony Ericsson product blog states, it will get 2.0 eventually. DroidDog is waiting – rather impatiently – for a review unit.

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