Inbrics MID is either ready for CES or ain’t gonna happen

I like early information on new products. UI videos and, to a lesser extent, computer rendered images are interesting to me. What I don’t like are press materials designed to raise money for something that really doesn’t exist at all outside of the imagination of a few charismatic individuals.

I can’t be sure that the MID seen below won’t be making a grand, functional appearance at CES as jkkmobile is reporting, but I’m not planning on seeing it there. I don’t doubt a glamorous presentation if a dummy model, but look at this video. What does this thing do?

As anyone who spends a great deal of time blogging about tech products will tell you, we get a lot of ambiguous emails. Well-defined, tangible products are the exception. Everyone is selling solutions, innovation, and lifestyles – not that you I can ever muster the time or energy to figure out what solutions, innovations, or lifestyles these emails ramble on about. The collective loose translation of the wordy, unsubstantial releases is this: “we don’t have anything of value just yet, but we need someone to be interested so we can raise capital.”

So, for those who like investing in nebulous bundles of broad ideas, I give you Inbrics: mobile convergence of inspiring encounters with philosophy of your life’s moments that you’ve never experienced. (Click the following link for video.)

I should clarify that Inbrics did NOT send me an email. I came across this video in my daily Android reading and it gave me the same vibe. That’s all.

Via jkkmobile