LG’s own Snapdragon

Are you less than excited about LG’s GW620 (pictured below)? If so, is it because it’s headed to Canada, or because it seems too cuddly to be powerful? I think the phone looks like a cute social and messaging device but I don’t expect it to be a multi-tasking beast, despite the use of monsters in the Eve’s commercials. I could be wrong of course. We don’t know all that much about what’s under the GW620′s hood. (cont.)


What we do know – according to Slash Gear – is that LG is currently working on their own Snapdragon device for a Q2 2010 launch in Korea, with a possibility of branching into other markets. Their isn’t much info beyond that, except that this unnamed phone will be “more mature” than Eve. With another device joining the 1 GHz ranks of Liquid and the X10, it looks like an extremely promising year for Android overseas. When will we Americans get a dragon to drool over, HTC?

Via Engadget

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