Milestone: Deutschland first, then Europe

BGR announced on Sunday that a GSM version of Droid would be headed to Germany (for 404.20€ or $594.93 outright) after the leak of a business guide and O2 price list. Search Google for “Motorola Milestone” four days later, and it looks like Milestone is about to explode all across Europe. (cont.)


The European Milestone will differ from the American Droid in at least two ways; Google Maps will be replaced by MOTONAV (bummer for you, Europe) and the overseas version will feature multi-touch. Wha wha whaaat? That’s got to be my primary software complaint with Droid thus far – the lack of multi-touch. Google Maps especially would benefit from some pinch and zoom support. But as BGR suspects, Apple’s probably got something to do with the stateside limitation. Speaking of Apple…

If you clicked that link to a Google search above, you also saw more than a few instances of the phrase, “iPhone killer.” A phrase that has been used so many times that it seems to have lost all meaning. I do not think the Droid/Milestone will make the slightest dent in iPhone sales. I do not think it will cause more than a very small percentage if iPhone owners to sell their device in order to buy a Motorola. I do think the Droid is a nice phone and I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s good for Android, good for Verizon, and – most importantly – it’s good for Motorola. It is, indeed, a Milestone. But calling it an iPhone killer will only emphasize its weaknesses in comparison to Apple’s everything killer. I’m not sure why I felt the need to say that, but there you go.

More thoughts on Droid later today and throughout the coming weeks. Learn more about Milestone at Motorola’s official product page.


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