Motorola Droid – your questions and requests

I’m covering all of the questions and requests you good people have sent in right here and now. Well, except for those that apply to all Android devices and have been covered already. I’ll be shipping this phone off very soon, so I’ve got to wrap this up. I promised I’d get this video up before I went to bed tonight.

Unfortunately, I only have one computer for editing/processing video, and only 24 hours in the day. Since I have what will probably turn out to be 4 videos worth of footage, I’m posting what I can now and will add the other parts to this post as I finish editing/processing/uploading them. I’ll send out a tweet with link whenever a new one is ready. If you hit this post on the home page, you’ll need to click the “Continue Reading” link under video #1 to see the rest.

Part 1:

In-depth tour of the Market
iPhone Killer?
Gameplay on Droid
Best Android buy?
Fastest processor?

Part 2:
Surfing through the bog
Jump from Storm to Droid?
My last use of the term, “iPhone Killer” I’ll shut up now, promise.
Oh yeah, the screen is amazing.
Custom LED colors?

Part 3: the last Droid Q&A vid:
Email notification speed
Music player
Droid vs Eris in email
Dogfight? No
Apps2SD, rooted?
Yahoo Messenger
Car Home for Android or just Droid?

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