Motorola Milestone headed to Canada

Motorola announced today that the carrier independent version of Droid – the Milestone – will be launched on the Canadian TELUS network in early 2010. Perhaps the best part of the press bundle were the ultra hi-rez images. Wow. Follow the link and download an original. I’m not insulting the phone here but I think some photographers could make a fly look like priceless jewellery.


Here’s a selection from the press release:

TORONTO, Ont. — November 10, 2009 — Motorola Canada today announced it will bring its first Android™-powered device, the much-anticipated Motorola Milestone, only to TELUS customers in early 2010. Motorola Milestone, powered by the newest version of Android, sets a new standard for what a smartphone should be with a richer mobile web experience, superior messaging and top-of-the-line multi-media features in an innovative design that could only come from Motorola.

The Motorola Milestone will be available in Canada only for TELUS customers in early 2010. For more information please visit