Saygus V1 is a video calling, semi-independent Beast

Eric Zeman of PhoneScoop recently got his hands on the mysterious Saygus V1; a device that will function on Verizon’s network, but will not be supported by Big Red. Man, I haven’t had that gum in ages. It’s capable of video calls over EDGE. Really? (cont.)


Zeman sounds rather impressed with the device – in some ways good; others, bad. But the V1 seems like one of those devices that just refuses to be bland. After the break there’s a snippet from the PhoneScoop peice, followed by their hands-on video

It has three keys on the front, which are minimalistic and have very little travel and feedback. The device is rimmed by what looks like 1,000 buttons and hatches. … The keyboard is absolutely gigantic. The keys are well spaced, have a very nice shape to them, and offer excellent travel and feedback. I’d say the keyboard is probably the most impressive aspect of the hardware…with the exception of the display. Similar to the recently released Motorola Droid, the VPhone is packing a 480 x 800 pixel display, making it high def. It looks fantastic. Images, icons and text popped off the display.

Via PhoneScoop

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