Sprint’s Hero has been rooted


As is the case with all hacks/mods/unsupported tweaks, I can’t recommend doing this. It’s quite possible that during the process of rooting one could damage their phone beyond the point of repair. This is usually an out-of-warranty situation and HTC can charge you a small fortune for a new motherboard. That said, the CDMA Hero has been rooted.

I don’t have a CDMA Hero on hand, and certainly not a spare, co I can’t independently verify that this does or does not work. However, I have been contacted by some people who ran through the process without a glitch. Seriously though, for every one of those, there’s likely a person panicking as they scour xda-developer’s threads looking for answers.

O.K., enough disclaimers. Here are the resources:

How to root the CDMA Hero at xda-developers.com

T-Mobile forums

The friendly Android Spin How To

Good luck and have fun, for those with the intestinal fortitude to risk their new toy.

If you are about to ask what the benefits of rooting are, you probably don’t need to do it.

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