The end of D-Day

So how was it out at the stores, folks? Did you head into VZW, order online through Big Red or go with someone else offering the phone at $149? Maybe you’re like me and are very cautious before you part with your money. That’ll kill the buzz of a huge launch, won’t it? That’s O.K., though because PhoneDog has you covered.

We have this game called the One-Pawed Bandit. It’s free and easy to play. Just click this link and spin to win. A Sprint Hero is up for grabs right now. You don’t need to drain the bank account to play with something shiny. I know, I know… you’re all hyped up about the Motorola Droid, right? Well DroidDog and PhoneDog need a little time to play but we’ll be giving away two Droids, no strings attached, to some lucky Bandit player. So check it out. You can’t lose anything but a minute or two of your time, and you might grab a Hero. Stick around a while, and you just might get the best deal on Droid available.

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