The Saturday Wrap: 11/07/09

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

Totally eclipsing the launch of Samsung’s Moment on Sprint November 2nd, Sony Ericsson officially announced their long-anticipated Rachael UI sporting, Snapdragon-packing sexy beast, The X10 on Tuesday. With apps like Mediascape and Timescape, it looks like SE is taking the best custom Android innovations from the last year and wrapping them up in some usable, unique packaging. Some of SE’s code has been added to the Android Open Source Project.

We’ve seen a couple of promos and some quick demonstrations, but I think this video is the best look we’ve have of the X10 so far:

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Anyone tired of Droid posts yet?

Holy cow, what a week for Droid and Eris, which were launched by VZW on the 6th. In case your senses and best consumer restraint haven’t been assaulted enough for the holiday season, here’s a recap of the week in Droid: BGR let us know that it’s hitting Europe as Milestone and the rumors of a GSM flavor in the States have been flourishing since. Verizon released an Eris promo while Noah tried one out in a flowery restaurant. I got a hold of my own Droid, which has me getting ready for some Q&A videos, pondering media sync, DRM and other potential problems. While you’re waiting on my vids (they are coming), check out this software review.

Competition for your Droid-worshipping attention is popping up in the form of some crazy offers. For example: The Droid for $188 and $149, with the Eris turning up for free. (You’ll have to change the zip code on that last one.)

That’s just the beginning of the madness, folks. Go to and click on “Droid Does Times Square over on the right side. Check back during the specified hours and watch people manipulate signs in their quest for pizza. You can even control them yourself – live! Is that too much?


Behold II

We got a much better look at Samsung’s Behold II this week, with the leak of video after video after video. The official announcement will come on November 12th, and the street date is November 18th.

DroidDog’s first giveaway

DroidDog finally handed out some booty this week, and here’s the dude with the good fortune that won. Today, erbuds; tomorrow, the moon? Well, something cool, so stay tuned. (I don’t really mean we’ll be giving something away tomorrow.)

~My best impression of Vince Offer

New Androids on the horizon?

I don’t know if I should say “Gus,” or sigh, Gus. Whatever the case, this new device is supposed to be headed for Verizon with video calling. Samsung’s Saturn sounds O.K., I guess, but I’d like to see a photo before I prematurely judge and condemn it. LG is apparently working on a Snapdragon, and a navigational gadget called the Mio Buddy is coming with Android. Dell’s got an Android headed for the Sates, but you already knew about that one.

Here’s my favorite bit of device news. A company called Shenzen Easton is launching a MID called the N97. They apparently missed the news that Nokia totally Munsoned their flagship crapper, the N97. Shenzen Easton doesn’t realize that they’ve already N97′d their product because the term, “N97″ is now the tech equivalent of “Munson.” So, I’m sorry to say it, Shenzen, but you totally N97′d that Munson, you buncha Munsons.

Those were the biggest items in Android new this week, but here are a few links in case you’re still hungry:

Cliq for $120
ADC 2 round 2
Pulse passes FCC (again)
T-Mobile to get Market content channel (like VZW) and carrier billing (like Sprint)
Android 2.1 is alive

Take care, folks.