The Saturday Wrap: 11/14/09

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Samsung Behold II

T-Mobile’s Behold II was officially announced on November 12th, set for release on the 18th. I received my own review unit, which I’ve begun to test out (see video below). The price we were expecting turned out to be incorrect. Unfortunately, the phone will be $229 on a two-year contract. Most people, myself included, think T-Mo is asking too much in exchange for what the phone offers. I’m using the phone every day, so I’ll let you know if I change my mind. (cont.)

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Spotlight on Moto


I asked in the last Saturday Wrap if anyone was sick of Droid news, and I didn’t hear anything back. Perhaps you’re indifferent. Maybe I was just deafened by the flurry of stories about the ultra-hyped device. The thing did sell roughly 100,000 units in its first weekend on shelves, and I’m glad to say I have one. I have an Eris as well, so you can expect some comparisons in the not-too-distant future. Both of the phones are expecting updates in December, so hopefully I’ll be able to do some “before and after” contests. Maybe the fury will die down a bit by then. The buzz storm is headed North: it seems Canada will suffer the media blitz before long.

There has been a lot of talk about the Droid’s exclusive peek at Android 2.0, but the Android hacking community, as usual, has sped up the process of the proliferation of the tasty new software. Thanks to the source being pushed over to the AOSP, you can soon pop an Eclair into that ol’ G1. Another Droid exclusive – Google Navigation – was anticipated to be G1-ready for the masses before too long. Now, it is.

Is that all of the MotoDroid news for the week? I know there was a bit about the percentage of phones they’d produce that would run Android, and uh… Oh, if neither the Vega tablet or RAmos MID caught your attention this week, have a look at the three OLED tablets MOTO has in mind.


This odd bugger, the Saygus VPhone, is supposedly headed for Verizon. The company seemingly popped up out of nowhere. Hey, it does video calling over 2G. I don’t care how obscure the company, if it actually delivers, I call it a contender. (cont.)

It came with the frame

Have you ever purchased a digital photo frame? Me neither, but I like the idea. A purchase like that is basically a declaration of the abject disposability of a large percentage of your income (unless you got it as a gift for your mom, grandmother, etc.). If that’s where you’re at, I could use a couple unopened frames myself. And what kind of frame do you send the guy who writes for DroidDog? An Android-powered frame…Psha! If you’re making a donation, go for the $620 designer model. I can get a grip for that on ebay. If you’re just looking for some funny video content, grab the Hikari frame from Japan. (cont.):

More rumors, more problems

HTC’s fabled Dragon-enhanced Passion is being rumored to drop mid-December, but I don’t even know what to think anymore. Verizon? T-Mo? Direct from HTC? Stop playing with my emotions already. The phone probably runs WinMo. (cont.)


What a week! Busy all over the place, though I know only a small percentage of that is evident at the DroidDog homepage. But a couple of back stage tasks changed the way you interact with me and each other. Do you like the new comment system and related links? Ah, don’t worry about the survey. Just let me know if something really damages the site, please. Growing pains can be expected.

There ya go; the stories I found most important in Android this week. Here are a few others:

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Treo 650 booting Android
Motus passes FCC
Droid dismantled
Device Anywhere helps devs with fragmentation issues
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Confusing Android video stuff