The Saturday Wrap: 11/28/09

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Happy holiday week, everyone! I trust we all gorged the appropriate greasy and fatty food over the last few days and are just now awakening from the resulting stupor. Is it just me? Anyways, I didn’t really seek out any Black Friday deals this year, but I did stop in at my local Best Buy. It was too crowded for me so I just grabbed a couple of Blu-Ray DVDs for Christmas gifts with some gift cards I won a while back and took off. They were selling Androids at a decent discount though.

I also went to WalMart on Thursday night, but all of the BF merch was on pallets and wrapped up with holiday paper labeled, “Do not display until 5 a.m. I didn’t get a chance to see their deals but they are apparently selling my current daily use phone – the HTC Eris – for $30 on a new contract. I’m not big on themed posts, so let’s just dive in to the rest of the week’s news, mmmkay?

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What, what, WHAT?

There have been a couple of interesting rumors floating around this week, and the two most prominent are about Androids headed to Verizon. Both are founded on oddly placed images online. The first came from a Behold II product page that features Verizon’s VCast logo in an illustration of Samsung’s Cube UI. I have my doubts about the significance but maybe Sammy is working on a slightly different flavor of Behold.

The second concerns a phone that is no stranger to rumors: HTC’s Dragon/Passion. While the debate continues over the possibilities of Passion being a GSM or CDMA device, and while some argue that early pics clearly identify this as the GooglePhone, Android and Me is reporting that Passion is headed straight for Verizon Wireless. Based on what, you ask? Based on the current graphic found at, seen below. They’ve done the legwork on the whois investigation and are waiting to hear back from a contact at Verizon. What can be seen looks like a cheap and easy hoax, but who knows? (cont.)


Google Nav, Android versions, etc.

Just as I finished up with Motorola’s Droid, Google gave the gift of nav to owners of devices running Android 1.6. This is cool if you have a G1 or myTouch, but not so good if you’re holding one of the many devices doomed to be stuck on 1.5 for some time, if not forever. But, if you’re in the market for a Chinese automobile, Android navigation might ne right under your nose (or in a big ol’ case).

Launches… kinda

Bother Acer’s A1 Liquid and the Motorola Milestone sort of launched this week, though you’ll have an easier time pre-registering and pre-ordering than you will finding detailed information on when and where you can actually get your hands on either. I’ll follow up as soon as i hear anything concrete.

Well folks, it was a little short but hopefully a little sweet as well. I’m going to take advantage of the rare opportunity to spend time with my family and call it a night. Don’t think I’ve spent the past few days doing nothing though. I’ve got at least five Eris vids ready for editing and a written review unfolding in my head. When all of that’s posted (this week), it’s on to the Behold material for me. Take care. Here are the leftovers:

Swype: a new method of typing
Inbrics… huh?