Which version of Android am I stuck with?

In the process of collecting questions and requests for the purpose of creating those Q&A vids, I’ve been bombarded with queries about when such-and-such a handset will get 2.0, if ever. And when Google made their new Maps app with navigation available to phones running 1.6 and up, I was swamped with inquiries for information about when/if this-or-that phone would be getting Android Donut.

Well, a lot of questions remain for readers and bloggers alike, but I’ll offer up whatever information I currently have at my disposal. I haven’t been privy to any insider secrets or anything like that. So, what I present here is subject to change. And, just a reminder – the stuff that turns out to be true isn’t my fault!

As it stands now, Droid is the only phone with 2.0. The G1 and myTouch are the only devices with 1.6. Everybody else is at 1.5. From what I’ve heard, we aren’t going to be seeing any more phones jump from 1.5 to 1.6 – only from 1.5 to 2.0. Again, this could change.

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The only phones that we know for sure are headed for 2.0 are the Hero and Behold II. HTC announced the update would be coming in a tweet about a month ago, and Behold’s update is said to be coming in the video below. Get this: it will update wirelessly. Ooooooohhhhh.

Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me has spent a great deal of time and effort gathering as much information as possible from each carrier and OEM regarding updates, and while responses were vague, you can find them here. Sorry to the dozens and dozens of Cliq owners who have contacted me about this on Twitter. It doesn’t look good.

Where does this leave the average consumer that’s trying to decide which Android to purchase? In a big, sloppy mess – that’s where. Developer’s are in the same boat.

So when you go looking for an Android device this holiday season, don’t shop for a phone that may be updated later on. Get the one that already has the features you need. Waiting for your expensive, contract-hitched handset to evolve into everything you had hoped it would be is a very long wait indeed.

EDIT: I should have pointed out that HTC’s providing a 2.0 update is dependent upon Verizon requesting it.