2009 Android Advertising

2009 was a great year in advertising for the mobile industry. We saw everything from The Island of Misfit toys, a very creepy webOS multitasking blonde, Catherine Zeta Jones, and miracle banana diets on The Now Network to “an app for that”, a “map for that”, and more of Charles Barkley’s Fave 5 (R.I.P.). Those are just some of the popular mobile tech commercials to air in 2009, but which ad campaigns did a really stand out job? A couple manufacturers and US carriers banded together to bring Android OS onto the main stage with a slew of ad campaigns that changed how consumers everywhere viewed Android. If it weren’t for these campaigns and commercials, Android wouldn’t have seen the great leap in popularity it did in late 2009 and the hype for what is to come in 2010 wouldn’t be nearly as big. What campaigns am I talking about? Let’s take a look.

MyTouch 100% You

Never did I think Cat Stevens, an all white room, and a couple of well known actors would pair so well with Android but T-Mobile did it well. The commercials main point was that you can customize your Android handset the way you want, 100%. While another familiar face, Charles Barkley, made an appearance with Dwight Howard for a second leg of the MyTouch 100% campaign, it just isn’t the same as the originals. When the G1 first launched there were a couple of commercials that aired for quite awhile but none of them made the sort of impact that I feel 100% You did. The MyTouch commercials appear very clean and simple, yet they have a really friendly personal feeling to them. Apart from the ad above, two variances of the commercial aired. One was featuring comedians being… comedians, and one featured popular music artists like Avril Lavigne and Wyclef Jean with the original Cat Stevens song being redone by Wyclef himself.

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HTC’s “A Phone That Gets YOU” campaign can’t really be called an Android campaign but it’s pretty close. These advertisements are brilliantly done. Showing how your phone sees you, as opposed to how you see your phone was a pretty original idea that was executed well. I want to file this campaign under Android because the most aired commercials for the it only feature an Android handset, more specifically the HTC Hero. It was a great chance to make Android phones look good for business and play, not to mention really show off how gorgeous Sense can look on a big screen.

Cliq With MotoBlur

Personally, I have never seen this commercial in any other slot than late night but maybe that’s just because I don’t catch much daytime TV. The Cliq with MotoBLUR campaign picks another witty way to show off the Motorola’s extremely well integrated social networking experience with BLUR on it’s Android rockin’ Cliq. This ad isn’t really anything too special, but it’s yet another well made commercial that showcases the diversity of Android phones.

Droid Does

Everything starts out nice and sweet… and then it hits you. Everyting iDon’t, Droid Does. From the very start of the B horror circuit bent screech you know this campaign was something fierce. An attack on all fronts, Droid Does was the start of the best Android ad campaign to date. With several different versions out, some a little less intimidating, the Droid has been made into a power house that has full on catapulted Android into the main stream. Everything about these commercials are amazingly well done. Once Verizon started, they didn’t seem to stop. Soon after this they released a different style of commercial with versions featuring Android’s well integrated messaging, voice activated GPS, insanely fast web surfing, and universal search. Another note worthy fact that may pertain to this campaign, Motorola has purchased an ad slot during this years Super Bowl. While there is no solid evidence Moto will use the slot to advertise the Droid, well c’mon, why wouldn’t they?

If it weren’t for these campaigns and commercials Android may well have been put on the back burner by most companies instead of the fully customizable go to OS that it’s quickly becoming. That being said… what do you think? Did I miss anything great? Look into this too much? Make yourself heard in the comments and let me know how you feel. I’ll be eagerly awaiting.

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