All Day I Dream About Augmented Reality

How much would you pay for a pair of Adidas sneakers that could be acknowledged by your webcam and then used to control a special 3D world created just for those sneakers? About as much as you would pay for any ol’ pair or Adidas? Good, because that’s what Adidas plans on doing with a upcoming line of at least 5 men’s sneakers to be released in 2010.

Head of digital marketing for Adidas Originals Chris Barbour has been quoted saying:

“The foundation of augmented reality lies in adding a layer to the real world… That’s what we have done. We have taken a real world item and added a fantastic virtual world on top of that… We are not trying to mimic a real-world look, we have a more stylized, pop-up book creative approach… The neighborhood is displayed on a two dimensional computer screen, but you can use your shoe to control the angle and depth of view and zoom in and out, giving a 3-D sense of perspective.”

Image via Wired

Word is that there are already 3 games in the works that you would have to use your Adidas sneakers to get into and control; a music game, skateboard game, and something a little Star-Wars-esque.

I think it’s pretty amazing to see companies step out of the norm and embrace new technology like AR. You can chalk it up to gimmicks and razzle dazzle if you want, but I say bravo Adidas, bravo.

Via Wired