Chinese OPPO looks like a mix between Pre and concept Calgary

Remember those early images of Calgary? The final version turned out to look pretty different from the concept:

Calgary: concept on the left, product on the right

Moto may have decided against the silver trimmed with liquid blue highlights, but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Enter Chinese manufacturer OPPO, which has created a new Android (model name unknown) with at least a dialer that is more than reminiscent of that found in Palm’s webOS, as pointed out by Android Community.

If you are reading this on the DroidDog home page, click the link for more pics:





And look at that body! I was a fan of the early Calgary concepts, but I am kind of geeky and think production model automobiles are crap compared to concepts. Anyway, this thing has some features that Moto never even dreamed of (?):


What exactly are we looking at on the side of the phone? It looks like the front of a hacker’s home-built computer. That’s the temperature outside, humidity, practical feel of the weather, and the date. I wonder if the user can decide what data is displayed, like battery percentage remaining, hours:minutes remaining, unread meassages, missed calls, etc. That might be more practical. Even if not, I think it’s cool.

Details are thin, but a 3.5-inch WQGA (800 x 480) capacitive multi-touch screen is on the menu. Said to be launching in China, Q1, 2010.

Via Android Community