Dell shuns Android Market

Is Dell to do away with Google’s Android Market on their phones? At least they have in Brazil with the Mini 3iX, according to a couple of sites. And it’s not just some early prototype missing features that’s giving Engadget this idea. No, there’s a more confusing explanation, unfortunately. That is, unless Engadget is filling in a few blanks and I’ve misunderstood.

It sounds like Dell is going to have their own proprietary store set up. Which, of course, would make a great deal more sense running along side the standard Market app. But hey, I’m not running Dell’s business. I’m probably not buying a Mini 3iX, either. Though I am interested to see what they have in mind for the not-too-distant future.

Wouldn’t it be great if Dell launched a store that blew Google’s out of the water? I digress. The Mini 3iX features Wi-Fi, 3G, a 3 MP cam, and a 3.5″ display. Let’s hope Dell has figured this whole thing out by the time we see a North American offering.

Click on through for a sexy image of tres 3iX’s going at it.


Via Engadget

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