Google Phone in hands of employees

Yesterday, Google held a celebration. There were fireworks, there were revelations, there were phones. Google Phones, that is – unlocked Google Phones. They were handed out to attendies and the word is that we will be seeing them on shelves (virtual or otherwise) this January. However, with so many out in the wild I’m sure we’ll be seeing photos and video very soon. So why does it matter that they’re unlocked? because the current rumor is that Google will be selling these phones directly. (cont.)


If you’re reading this on the DroidDog home page, click the link for the rest of the post:

That PhoneDog report linked above indicates that Google will provide the hardware support, T-Mobile will provide initial services, and HTC will build the thing. Of course we’re all looking at Passion/Dragon/Bravo. But that’s not the end of it: chances are that this the device will be turning up on several carriers. Unfortunately, this may mean that no subsidization will be available. I hope that’s not the case.

Anyway, let’s get on to what Google employees are saying about the device. Here are some insider tweets as posted by TechCrunch:




I’ll be posting a video today demonstrating what I link we can expect from Google Phone. Something tells me I’m in a race with folks who are making videos of the real thing.

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