Hero 1.5 ROM for Cliq coming soon?

It seems like we’re covering a lot of geeky hacks and mods lately, but that happens to be where some of the most exciting Android news is going down at the moment. But have no fear, I’m sure to return from CES in a week-and-a-half with all sorts of juicy on the new handsets. Until then, we’ve got plenty of rumors, buzz, and clever ways of getting more out of “yesterday’s devices.”

I know a lot of people were happy when the Motorola Cliq hacking community finally achieved root, and I also know that some were a bit disappointed when they found that no ROMs were available for flashing.

Well, the same forums that showed us how to root the Cliq (at the risk of the clicker) have announced, by way of some images, that a Cliq-compatable Android 1.5 Sense ROM is in the works. It can be seen below, and while “pretty much nothing works just yet,” someone’s in the kitchen. Here’s to a future video and tutorial.


Via The Gadgets

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