Hero and Moment to get 2.1… eventually

Sprint recently announced via Twitter that Hero and Moment owners would receive Android 2.0 updates sometime in the first half of 2010. As GEARlog points out, it now appears that 2.1 was likely the plan all along, but that Sprint was bound from mentioning it until the recent Nexus One leaks opened the flood gates.

Today, Sprint tweeted that the phones would go straight to 2.1, which is reportedly already seeing optimization updates:

Slight clarification on Android OS updates for the HTC Hero & Samsung Moment. Will be updating straight to Android 2.1, not 2.0, in 1H2010.

That they would say 1H rather than specify a quarter may put even that vague timing on shaky ground, but it’s good to know they’re on it. Let’s hope some update news is around the corner for the owners of some other Androids.

Via Android and Me

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