HTC Android secrets revealed: Legend, Supersonic, Huangshan?

Every once in a while, someone sends me a leak that sounds pretty credible. I can’t say for sure if this information is or is not embedded in an HTC ROM, as reported, but it was strange to receive it as I downloaded the Hero 2.1 ROM for use on my G1.

That ROM didn’t work out for me. I got stuck in a boot-loop and will try again later. Still, having what could be a list of current and planned Android devices by HTC has quenched my geeky thirst for the day.

Posted over at the Android spin forums is the following message:


As you can see, phones thought to have been abandoned (Memphis), forthcoming devices (Dragon and Passion), and current phones (different Heroes), are represented. So it’s hard to know what to make of this right now. The poster thanks maxisma, who is apparently known for handling ROM dumps, for uncovering it.

I’m waiting for more info and confirmation…

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